YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009

(English follows Japanese announcement)

長らくお待たせいたしましたが、YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009のスケジュールが正式に決定いたしました!今年のYAPC::Asia Tokyoは9月10日および11日に開催されます。9日は前夜祭として短めのセッションを行う予定です。


ついては今年もお手伝いしていただけるボランティアスタッフの方々を募集しております。参加したい方はyapc-staff perlassociation.orgまでメールをお送りください。


On behalf of Japan Perl Association, I'm pleased to announce that schedule for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 has been finalized. The event will take place Sept 10th and 11th, with Sept 9th being the pre-event-event (we'll get some people doing short talks).

The venue will graciously be provided by Tokyo Institute of Technology, which also hosted the previous year's YAPC::Asia Tokyo.

We're also looking for volunteers to help organize the event. Please send an email to yapc-staff perlassociation.org (you know the drill, put an @ mark at the appropriate location) for more details.